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Products and Services
Our primary products are standard mill lengths of stainless steel tubing (seamless and welded) in ranges from 0.236" (6 mm) through 4.5" (114.3 mm) OD as well as custom products according to your specification and standard. We also provide finishing services including cutting-to-length, cold sawing and latheing, chamfering ends, deburring and polishing.

Manufacturer and Broker
As a manufacturer, we have developed an efficient and streamlined production process that allows us to pass a cost savings directly to you. As a broker we have partnered with a large number of world class sources to obtain the very best quality and pricing for your requirements. We coordinate our manufacturing capacity with that of our partners to ensure that every order is supplied on time and at the lowest possible cost.

We Own the Tubing
Unlike a representative that is just a sales person, we own the tubing we provide to you. Modern Tube actually purchases the tubing, warehouses and reallocates it as necessary, and resells it to you. Therefore we care as much about delivery and quality as you do.

Ensuring Quality
We only deal with quality vendors that are ISO 9001:2000 Certified and who meet Modern's additional operational, commercial and quality standards. Only 1 in 5 meet our stringent criteria for quality, service and delivery. In addition to lot testing by the mill, your specific order is also tested by an independent AL2LA Certified testing facility. So you see, it’s quality up front, quality in process and quality to your doorstop.

Sole Point of Contact
You don't have to worry about your order because we do it for you. As your sole point of contact, we are fully responsible for everything from order to delivery. To better ensure on time delivery, we track all shipments and give you a weekly update on your order. There is no confusion as far as whom you contact when.

Industries Served
We serve a wide variety of industries that use quality stainless steel tubing including transportation, HVAC, food, chemical, petroleum, energy, water supply and architectural.

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